Shatta Wale’s Negative Attitude Beneficial To Music Industry?

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A lot has been said about Bandana aka Shatta Wale, the artiste of the moment lately but one positive thing that has either been glossed over or not seen is the changes his attitude is gradually bringing in the career of    the individual artistes and the Ghanaian music industry as a whole.

Everything has its positive and negative sides and Shatta Wale’s music attitude is no exception. At a point when our music instead of being a revenue generating source for artistes has turned into a ‘pay as you go’ field where investors lose big instead of making, people get their monies into recordings, shooting music videos and music promotions and get nothing back, it is good that Shatta Wale did all the negative things he did because the effect is the result of a positive turn of things nowadays.

We have had radio DJ’s getting richer in the industry because an artiste whether he likes it or not has to make huge budgets for payola. The ‘Pay as you go’ was firmly embedded in the music industry, deep in the grooves like tracks on a vinyl record.

It’s been going on for so long that it’s hard to believe that people are still getting away with it. But they are. Almost everybody in this industry takes money. If they have the power to put a song on the radio or a video on television, they’ve been offered money to do it—and they’ve taken it. Maybe it’s only been once or twice. But they’ve done it. I’m not saying musicians shouldn’t  appreciate DJ’s or promoters who help in getting them the hits but this became an attitude where some people even had rate cards for it. There are so many issues that are affecting the industry that people got scared to talk about especially musicians. Others were also enjoying it forgetting about the future of this industry including their own generations. Who knows, you may be a DJ, presenter or a news editor now but your child may grow up to become a musician and would face these same difficulties you creating for others today in their career.

Let me perhaps inform you about some of the things that are gradually changing because of Shatta Wale’s music attitude. Because of his aggressive nature towards show business, he has now raised the price tag or bar in a very short time especially that of dancehall and hiplife artistes. Now ‘beggership’ is gradually changing to sponsorship as it was supposed to be. The right artiste are being billed for shows fading out the ‘whom you known’ promoters and event organizers. The competition is so high that every single artiste now in the country is working so hard to get public demand for a better career life.
I believe he has his own bad side as a person but at least he has added up to the industry positively and must encourage other artistes especially the up and coming ones to adapt this kind music business attitude.

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