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Some siblings just don’t know how to share. In New Jersey, police say a man brutally stabbed his brother over the last can of Pepsi. You know you can get another can from the store for, like, a dollar, right? The report alleges that the 50-year-old victim and his brother, Michael Charles, were watching the NFC Championship game with their mother. Both brothers were supposedly highly intoxicated, and Charles was upset that the 49ers were losing. Then, according to, “When the 50-year-old asked his brother not to take the last can of Pepsi, his brother told him ‘to go f— yourself’ and then picked up a pipe and struck him in the head, the report said.” Just for the record, it’s kind of tough for someone to go f— himself when you’re in the middle of beating him half to death. The brother allegedly then also proceeded to stab the victim with a small knife. The victim was then able to grab a knife and attempted to fight back, stabbing his brother in the arm, according to police. By the time authorities arrived, they claim the crime scene was covered in blood. That would be great for Pepsi product placement in a horror film, but not so much in a random house in New Jersey. Charles now faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. Hope it was all worth it for a soda — it might be the last one he gets for a while. Behold, the new Pepsi slogan: “So good, it’s worth serious jail time!”

[Source: Jersey City man stabbed multiple times by brother in fight over last can of Pepsi: cops]


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