The Worst Kid On Instagram; Meet Lavish P.

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He’s A Rich Kid Gone Wild

Meet Lavish; he’s a 17-year-old teenager from San Francisco with some fairly rich parents who enable his fixation for shoes and True Religion Jeans. He also has an Instagram that he uses to show off his wealth and quite possibly troll the entire universe.


#2 His Pens Are Made Out Of Gold!

The average ink pen costs anywhere from $2-$10 but Lavish’s gold accessory fetches up to $2000. He used this photo to make that statement and to also call out Bic and Pilot because he’s better than them.


#3 His Staples Are Also Made Out Of Gold!!

We’re not sure what teenagers use plated staples outside of school but Lavish definitely makes school supplies look cool. 3-to-1 he actually owns a solid gold staple gun.


#4 Even His Starbucks Account Is Poppin’!!!

Ever wanted to create the ultimate drink at Starbucks but never had the funds to do so? Lavish can buy it for you because he states, “more bank in my Starbucks card than in your bank account”.


#5 He Has Bills Everywhere

He says there’s “not enough Benjamins in this envelope”, what we wouldn’t give to have envelopes of money laying around the house. . .Not pictured is an iPod box he also uses to store his cash (just for fun).


#6 He Gives His Money Away To Toy With Others

We know what you’re thinking but he’s no Robin Hood. Lavish isn’t a charitable teenager because he solely ties stacks of bills to balloons to toy with the dirty masses. He calls them “flying away bandz”.



#7 He’s An Arrogant Hoarder

What’s a kid to do with 10+ iPhones in his room? Add it to his new iMac of course. Luckily, in this photo he doesn’t show off the iPhone he randomly bought just so he could break it out of boredom.


#8 He Washes His Hands With San Pellegrino…

Tagged “only wash my hands with sparkling water”, this Instagram makes us feel as if we should never have to complain about filtered water again. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury.

#9 …And It’s Also His Toilet Water

Somewhere in a room made of gold, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian think this is tacky. But don’t let that stop you, Lavish. Seriously, there are six bottles of San Pellegrino in this shot alone.

#10 His Backpack Game Is Almost Too Much

Nothing’s wrong with having q ridic shoe collection, but Lavish is also quite fond of Louis Vuitton bags that make Drake actually look like a backpack rapper. As he points out, “Today you will go to work, and only make half the cost of this backpack”.

#11 He Cuddles With Stacks On Stacks

In short, he lays around with enough money to send you and your roommate to college, help you purchase your first home and be reinvested to do the same for your kids in the near future. How’s that for ya?

#12 He Takes Shots At Hip Hop Moguls

You know you have guts when you can show off your favourite pieces of ice in an Instagram and tag musicians while you call them “a broke ass rapper” who is “just making ends meet”. Reminder, he’s only 17-years-old.

#13 His Desserts Don’t Look Like Desserts

If your dessert looks way too exotic for the average person, it’s still not good enough for Lavish. As he puts it, “costs more than what you spend on food in a week”. Thanks for reminding us pal.

#14 He’s Just All-Around Rich

While we’re doing our taxes, he’s busy writing his name with a gold pen and $10,000 in hand. He could “get a life” but he’d have a hard time figuring out which credit card he wants to use to do so.

#15 He Won’t Lay Off That iPhone Game

Seriously. He may have an addiction. It almost seems like he owns enough to give an entire high school class a new cell phone and his response to the collection is that they’re “all 64GB hoe”.


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